I spent several years hating the idea of Secret Cinema’s immersive cinema experiences. And then I went and I kind of hated it more. But I think I’ve got a solution for them. Read on

African musicals festival

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This month’s imaginary film season looks at the rich world of African musicals, including a 1950s Egyptian classic, autotuned Hausa romance, stoner Ghanaian hip-hop, operatic adaptations, Jacques Demy in Dakar, a South African ‘Grease’ and a Tuareg remake of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’.

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Fri 26 Feb: SISTER ACT 2

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A joyful singalong at St Nicholas Church. Maggie Smith’s Mother Superior asks Deloris to teach in a run-down Catholic school. But can Deloris inspire her class of uninterested students led by a talented-but-cynical soul singer, played by a young Lauryn Hill?

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1980s British pop musicals

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Two decades after A Hard Day’s Night, punk, ska & new-wave bands made the British pop musical relevant, while rock royalty produced leadenly nostalgic flops.

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Imaginary Mark Hamill season

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From teen flicks and acclaimed war movies to dystopian sci-fi and Gay Duck, we present an imaginary film season that summarises Mark Hamill’s surprisingly vast acting career beyond Star Wars.

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